Defect Tracking will help your
Software meet its Objective

We will address the most critical question that comes to mind as you continue to run multiple business applications. The objective of the framework is to ensure a continuous process of Performance improvement

On Demand Service

We provide full range of outsourcing service from skills augmentation to
business process outsourcing. Our services are with scalable pricing model that
delivers true business value for all sizes of business looking to outsource to an equally
skilled. We help companies focus on their areas of competence while we help you
engage resource in activities that drives your business process

Test Lab Set Up

We understand the unique need of every company and can customize your lab to achieve functionality testing.

Unique QA Services

Reduce business risk by improving the quality of your application.

Flexible Engagement Model

We pride in the satisfaction of every company, with emphasis on each company's peculiarities.

Access to the Best Hand

Save cost and have access to the best hand. At your request, we can deploy resources to your multiple projects, giving you more for less.

Meeting the Business Demand

Organizations buy and shun out different application on a daily basis for both internal and external customers. Test engineers need to test if the application or software meet the requirements in order to ensure that every solution run at its full capacity.

Load & Performance Testing

Our solution scans information using back-end applications to cross reference the details of documents and places these details as priority for business processes.

Custom Testing

Use customized tool to optimize your software environment

Api & Web Service Testing

Go to market ahead of your competition

Quality Assurance Test Tools

Ensuring the product in production conforms with the standard required

Functionality Testing

Assuring business compliance with functional requirement to the letter.

Product & Application Testing

Product insight to integrate business risk

Quality Engineering for
Improved System Performance

We are your best partner in solving complex problems and delivering projects on time. Our quality assurance team will investigate, measure, validate or verify other quality attributes of the system, such as the scalability and reliability for optimum performance.

Improve your Software Quality

We will help create an appropriate test plan & strategy which align your requirement with the business objective. Why don't you benefit from our professional and high quality QA Services? You will be establishing a long term partnership while we take full responsibility of your project irrespective of size. We will equally manage the staffing and provide comprehensive suite of quality testing services.

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