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Agile Business Advisory

Despite the diversity of management consulting field, our dynamic teams of qualified professional and technical acute consultant are skilled in various management fields to meet our client business needs.

At ECSCORP our growth advisory services are specifically tailored to drive incessant growth, we achieve this through action planning, customizing and presenting ideas in style that gain commitment and collaboration.

Delivering optimum business solution and a strong client relationship supported by a proactive advisory service has been and will always be our main objective.

Our role as a solution engineering company is to help our client deliver the best value for their business through insights and business planning.

  • Listen
  • Plan
  • Create
  • Deliver
Gap Analysis

A Significant gap between an organization's needs and the current capabilities of its workforce results in a proficiency gap.

Our Gap analysis compares the gap between organizations actual performance against its potential performance. Our Consultants design comprehensive plans to fill out the gap between your organization's current state and its desired state.

This analysis yields a lot of insights into an organization's performance; this will help to plan for the future.

Our top notch Consultants will pinpoint the signs that show the skills gap facing by your organization and better approach in solving the problem.

We work with our clients in order to
help them develop their business.

At ECSCORP delivering optimum business solutions for our clients' business and developing a strong clients relationship supported by pro-active advisory services has been, and will always be our main objective.

Strategy Planning

We design how best to achieve your goal, by appraising the full potential of your business and explicitly linking the business objectives to the actions and resources required to achieve it. Our Strategic Planning offers a systematic process to ask and answer the most critical questions confronting your management team especially the commitment of taking critical decisions.

  • We will help you develop an edge business model that will profitably differentiate your company from its competitors
  • We identify your goals, We analyze the current process hurdles that preclude reaching the desired goal, We develop a plan to close the gap between the current process status and attainment of the desired goal
  • We review the proposed plan and the business units responsible for the processes to be analyzed, in order to secure agreement and commitment to the plan, We audit at the completion of the process.