ECSCORP RESOURCES is a solution engineering firm, established in the year 2001 with a cumulative experience of over 70 years. Our business is driven with passion and the spirit of friendliness; we harness the power of technology to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions to increase productivity.

Our capabilities are driven by these three primary areas:

- Technology Services, we drive greater productivity and transformation through our portfolio of software solutions, mobile & application development, integration & collaboration, digital strategy, software testing, IT managed services.

- Solution Engineering, Combining deep business insight with the understanding of customers business, applying innovative strategy that will impact the industry and business models. We operate at the intersection of business and technology, bringing together our capabilities in business, technology, operations and function strategy to help our clients envision and execute specific strategies that support enterprise wide transformation.

- Outsourcing, We provide Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, IT Staff Outsourcing. We transform, build and project manage IT solutions and business processes on behalf of clients to help improve their productivity and performance, while they focus on their core business activity.

What we do
Our Innovations cut across a wide range of business solutions and our
highly qualified professional staffs are always up to any tasks.

We help develop and implement strategies that promote operational excellence.Develop and maintain the master plan based on needs analysis and explore and implement strategy that foster and productivity.

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We solve your most critical business and technology problems with customize software.Our solutions are designed thorough analysis of your organisation for efficiency and increase in productivity.

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At ECSCORP, our Outsourcing division and partners provide ecs-ellent support services that are dedicated to meeting our clients' needs. We focus our emphasis on our clients’ circumstances.

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We respond to constant changing market dynamics by staying ahead of the curve with solutions based on our cutting-edge technologies.

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